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Located on the shore of Southeast Alaska's rugged Prince of Wales Island, POWTEC Holding Company, LLC is a state-chartered Limited Liability Company that is as steeped in tradition as it is concerned with future sustainability. The company was founded by two federally recognized tribes, the Craig Tribal Association (CTA) and the Organized Village of Kasaan (OVK) to provide management oversight to its subsidiaries, the Prince of Wales Tribal Enterprise Consortium, LLC (POWTEC, LLC) and POWTEC Solutions, LLC. These subsidiaries provide information technology and facilities support services to tribal, commercial and government clients.

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About Us

In the Beginning
In the Beginning

POWTEC Holding Company, LLC traces its beginnings back to the start of the century when the Craig Community Tribal Association and the Organized Village of Kasaan joined forces to create a for-profit company focused on providing professional support services ranging from information technology to professional engineering.


Today POWTEC Holding Company, LLC supports and guides both POWTEC, LLC, a small business focusing on Information Technology and POWTEC Solutions, LLC, a small disadvantaged SBA 8(a) company that provides facilities support and IT expertise to customers. POWTEC Holding Company, LLC provides high-level management support, financial management, human resources and business development. This business structure consolidates costs and allows the allocation of resources to target each company’s need for specific talent.

Our Vision
Our Vision

Through discipline, perseverance and respect, POWTEC Holding Company, LLC produces a means for tribal communities of Prince of Wales Island to be self-reliant and achieve social, economic and educational wealth.

POWTEC Solutions, LLC

POWTEC Solutions, LLC provides professional services to support key projects for government agencies and the private sector including facilities support services and information technology support. As a tribally-owned Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) certified business, everything we do is designed to exceed customer expectations while delivering quality services. We rely on industry best practices and a top-notch work force to support our customers’ missions.

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POWTEC, LLC provides IT support for government customers with a team of customer-focused professionals that deliver quality service at a competitive price. Our status as a tribally-owned business means we combine cutting-edge solutions with a tradition of ethics, sustainability, integrity, and respect. Whatever your technology needs are, we have the expertise to make your strategic requirements a reality.


Craig Tribal AssociationOrganized Village of Kasaan

Tribally Owned, Locally Affiliated

The company was founded by two federally recognized tribes, the Craig Tribal Association (CTA) and the Organized Village of Kasaan (OVK), both of which are located on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. The tribes’ interests in forming a for-profit company were numerous. The common thread is a vision for sustainability. Tribes in Alaska are not reservation/treaty tribes and do not have revenue sources such as casinos and agriculture, like many of the lower 48 tribes have.

As such, Alaskan Native tribes are predominantly reliant on grants and other sources of federal income to sustain infrastructure, social and cultural programs, scholarships, etc. POWTEC’s family of companies are a success story for both tribes, who are positively impacted through dividends. POWTEC is making a difference!

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